Thursday, February 10, 2011

a million this a million that

The troubles and pain in this world totally and completely overwhelm. The statistics are devastating.

Millions orphaned
Millions dying
Millions hungry

On the flip side the reports of the "successes" feel intangible ...  thousands of children fed, tens of thousands of lives saved, millions of orphans reached, tons of good distributed to bazillions of people.

All of that to me is just math. Numbers without names and stories without details feel abstract and untouchable. 

The reason I love what we get to do, is that we get to see individuals.  We get to know souls. We are privileged to know the name of almost every person we work with in a day. We're able to get to know them well over time. 

Why invest in relationship? Why toil at such time consuming tasks?

I cannot be sure, I'm simple in my approach, but I am guessing that God does not think of Haiti or any other place in terms of millions or thousands or hundreds.  He knows intimately each and every soul. 

The reason to build relationships and to share individual stories is because God is concerned for each one. Every story is known by Him and matters. 

The work is small and slow and truthfully not going to change much of anything in the grand scheme of things.  

But there is beauty in knowing these souls, in knowing their stories.

The lives and stories He allows us to enter into are His gift to us. 
We're grateful.

ABSTRACTION by Sara Groves

The girl looks out from the window of the airplane
20,000 feet up in the sky
she picks a rooftop in the middle of the town
and wonders what is happening inside

the tv in the kitchen flashes faces
the woman slowly pushes in the chairs
her neighbors son is fighting in the army
she's concentrating to remember where

who can know the pain the joy the regret the satisfaction
who can know the love of one life, one heart, one soul
at two you're at abstraction

The man is waiting for the bus into the city
He's grabs a drink slowly reads the Times
His heart is captured by a story of a child
Around the world/ miles away but always on his mind

a million this a million that
a mass sum of individuals
a million come/here a million go/there
made up of a million souls

We better share His love and compassion when we consider the joy, the pain, the regret, the satisfaction -  of one life, one heart, one soul.