Monday, February 28, 2011

Enisse and Sophia

  • On the teaching position ...  Due to the living arrangements and the space we have available for the two teachers, the best case scenario is either a married couple OR two friends/acquaintances that can live in the same smallish apartment.  Families will be difficult to house. Two large families (like us) are not anti-family; we are simply anti-causing-you-to-divorce-and-go-insane-because-you-hate-your-life. We are accepting applications for the next two months. Thank you for telling others that you know about the opportunity and helping Heather and Aaron and Troy and I to spread the word. 

  •  Harold (Uncle Tex) has been helping us with the commute to school a lot lately.  It has made a huge difference in productivity and sanity for Troy.  We're thankful for Tex, his willingness to serve, and his friendship.  If you've driven here you understand that when you get to your destination you are usually totally beat. After taking Paige to the doctor a few weeks ago I came home to comment to Troy that we had not had any accidents or even any real trouble but the traffic and constant riding of the clutch and jockeying for position left me feeling like I'd run the 12 miles - not driven it.  How odd is it to need a ten minute nap in the parking lot after driving your kids to school?  Odd.  Very odd.  The traffic here is one of a few reasons I once declared "I will never live in that city."  I don't declare things like that any longer.

  • A lot of things went to pot today. Some funny, some not. Plans are a redonk concept here.  I don't know why we make them.  I won't bore you with the list of follies because I'd rather sleep.  G'night :)