Monday, February 07, 2011

bulletpoints, babies, bats

I need more time and more caffeine and an increased desire to write in order to further expound upon these stories in the coming days:

Guerda & new baby girl
  • Teen mom attempts to drown on our watch Saturday afternoon. Tara jumps in to pull her to safety. Not necessarily what we had in mind when we invited them over. Exciting none the less.
  • Troy wonders aloud when his life got so incredibly odd.  There is a story here. It needs time to develop.
  • Paige takes teen moms to market.  Declares our plan to buy shoes for all of them at one time a massive fail.  Wonders how her parents got so dumb.
  • Paige talks Troy into getting a kitten. Tara wonders how Troy got so dumb.
  • Lydia intimidates John McHoul during church Sunday and seems to revel in it.
  • Sunday afternoon, a half day of fabulous people watching at up-scale hotel where an odd sub-culture of extremely wealthy, fairly grungy, European, and our tribe (uncategorizeable) collide. Lydia makes friends with everyone! Asks a French lady on the other side of the shower curtain in the restroom if she is naked? Awkward.
  • Five pound baby girl born healthy today just before 4pm. Our highest risk lady (currently) now seemingly out of the woods. Thankful. Look at that baby.  So stinkin cute.
  • Lydia starts speaking Kreyol again, first sentence: "Bo mwen chokola." (Give me chocolate)
  • Isaac and Noah keep detailed notes about the bats that live in and around our EDH/pump house. Each is given a name. I don't know much, but I know I am not going to mess with Blackie.