Tuesday, February 15, 2011


7:15 edit/add - Moving Enisse to maternity house pretty soon  ... thankful for your ongoing prayers today for her and the baby and added request that Enisse will bond with her baby.  Rosena gave birth at 3:15 - Jonna and Beth trying to catch a few minutes of rest.
5:10am edit/add Sleeping between contractions, crying during contractions. 4-5 minutes apart.
2:25 am edit/add (early Wednesday morning 16th) - Contractions are getting stronger and closer together. Enisse is coping pretty well with the pain, crying softly on and off. Still guessing she has 8++  hours to go. Thank you so much for praying for her.

last Thursday prenatal visit

working with her tutor last week
We're asking for prayer for Enisse today and tonight and tomorrow.  She is 15 years old. She moved into Harbor House after her Mom got angry and started hitting her and throwing rocks at her. Her Mom asked her to leave the tent she was living in at the time. Since about a month ago she is basically totally estranged from her mother, and does not have family close enough that she wants to call them to come be by her side.  The aunt she trusts is out in the countryside.  

Her labor began early this morning. It will probably be many many more hours before her baby comes.

We've seen her come alive in recent weeks.  We have seen reasons to hope for healing.  We can act as her family but we cannot totally fill the places of loss and pain. 

Today she is shutting down. She is very afraid and withdrawn. We suspect we don't know the half of her story ...  

We're asking you to join us in focusing on asking God to redeem her deep pain. We're asking that God would give her the strength to trust us and listen to us while she labors. We're asking God to remove her fear. We're asking for a safe delivery of a healthy baby to a healthy Enisse.  We're asking all of this and more today.   Will you join us?