Monday, February 14, 2011

flashback valentine edition

These photos are from five years ago. They make me smile.  They also make me a little bit blurry eyed.  We'd been here less than a full month on this Valentine's Day.

Britt and Paige were 15 and 11.  Isaac and Hope were 4 and Noah was not yet 2.  No one knew there would be a Phoebe or a Lydia.  We had no idea how much we did not know about Haiti (or anything).  No idea.  We also had no idea how awesomely God would love us and carry us through some big stuff in the months and years ahead.

Mesi Bondye.

Troy spent the day struggling to decide what to do and finally came to the conclusion that he wants to go be with his Mom and Dad to try to walk with them through another hard thing.  I told the kids tonight that it was good to share their Daddy with his Mommy and Daddy because they are very sad and tired.

Isaac said, "It is the way we can help them, by letting Daddy go be there."  Noah said, "We can take turns sleeping in Dad's spot. That will make it fun." Hope sighed in her uber wise way and said, "I am sad for them. That's really hard." I smiled and nodded and thanked them for being so kind and understanding. ( I neglected to tell them how all day long I was wishing Troy did not have to leave and fighting my own selfish-jerky ways.)  How much of a butt kicking is it when six and nine year olds respond with more maturity than their mother?

(Answer: a big butt kicking)

Our Valentine's Day verse: "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13