Saturday, February 05, 2011

no sleeping in, no job

Saturday morning blurry phone photos courtesy of me; for the grandmas to enjoy.

We asked everyone to sleep until 8am today.  Paige is the only one capable of sleeping in. The rest made it till 6:15. Thank goodness for coffee.

Yesterday we had an appointment for Paige. With one vehicle and the work Troy had planned we decided not to send our kids to school because it was only a half-day and we couldn't figure out how to get them home.  Going to an appointment in PAP is a guaranteed all day event.  For example, we got there at 11am. They told us we would be seen at 1pm. We walked into the appointment at 3:10.  The traffic for a ten mile drive got us home at 5:20.  I told the kids to let their teachers know they were missing the half day.  Noah's teacher emailed me this:

From: Jodie Ackerman
Date: February 3, 2011 9:12:28 PM GMT-05:00
To: Troy and Tara Livesay
Subject: Troy's employment

So Noah sidled up to me this morning and let me know that he wouldn't be at school tomorrow because it takes his dad two hours to go to school and back and he just couldn't do it tomorrow.  So I said, well, maybe he could just find some business to do in the area so he wouldn't have to go home in between.  Or maybe he had some other things he needed to do for his job.  To which your son replied, "Oh, my dad doesn't have a job."  I will not be the one to leak this to your supporters.

Have a great weekend!

This led me to ask Noah this morning
"Noah, does Dad have a job?"
Noah- "No Dad does not have a job."
Me- "So what does he do all day?"
Noah- "I have no idea."
Isaac- "Nu-Uh, Dad has a job. He helps people."
Noah-  (stated as a matter of fact) "Helping is not a job."
In the news:

~ Antoinette and her family moved to their new home yesterday.

~ No babies have been born for two weeks. Things could get crazy with more than a couple due and overdue in the coming days.

~ Troy is leading worship at church tomorrow. In an effort to bring Texas to Haiti I put my request in for one of my favorite Aaron Ivey songs.  

~ My (Tara's) sister is coming in early March.  So stinking excited - I cannot even tell you!

~ Britt booked tickets for May. We're giddy to have two family members on the calendar.

~ Our Minnesota friend Joanna T. is back for a few days. We love when she is here. There is not a cheerier person (except maybe Isaac). She brought coffee and creamer and cheese and chocolate.  (Thanks Connie!)

~ Tex is taking Paige for five speed driving training session number two today.  They are not ready to try hills yet.

~ Go here to read an article written about politics and fatigue in Haiti. 

~ The Harbor House gals are coming over to hang with us for a while today.

~ We're hearing about all your snow and record cold temperatures. We're not gloating ... just sharing ... it is headed to 85 and gorgeous with a light breeze here today :)

~ Go here to win a free vacation and help support Heartline.