Friday, September 14, 2012

chaos & beauty

Troy took this photo on a road trip yesterday. After many years here Troy finally got to see a lot of the country on two separate road trips in the last week. This tiny country is full of surprises and unrecognized beauty. (This is Lac Peligre - reservoir and hydroelectric dam between Mirebalais and Hinche, Haiti.)

Between Troy being gone, that stupid flu bug at our house, lots of action at the Maternity Center, and news of sorrow and loss from more than one friend across the globe ... well, the last couple of days have been 110% chaotic and tiring.

Time is short and emotions are running high. We're all processing a lot and praying hard for a handful of complicated and sad situations.

The way chaos and suffering and beauty and life intersect - is sometimes overwhelming.

One thing before we take on Friday...
After the earthquake (because of the earthquake) Troy and I met a generous and bigger than life kind of guy named Paul Beltis.  He and his wife loved on us in 2010 and have been a huge blessing to our family and to Heartline Ministries in the past few years.  Our kids all enjoyed a week with "Mr Beltis" at our house in January of this year.  He actually seemed like a real-life SantaClaus. We currently have a massive and obnoxious supply of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee on hand (in Haiti in September) because Paul once heard I liked Christmas Blend. That's only a tiny peek into his unique way of encouraging all of us. On Wednesday this exceptionally giving man passed away unexpectedly at his home in California. As a family and as a part of the larger Heartline family, we all grieve his passing and thank God for the opportunity to have known him in this life. His six grown daughters and wife are in our thoughts and prayers.