Tuesday, September 18, 2012

palindrome boy

Today was a crazy busy day at the Maternity Center. This meant no time to do the annual birthday post. We're slackers at everything, including tradition it seems. It is still September 18 in the Caribbean - and therefore this still counts! We are sharing the words we wrote about Isaac last year along with his photo from earlier tonight.  A Tuesday birthday does not allow for a trip to the beach.  Isaac and Lydia decided to split the difference between their birthdays and go to the beach on a Saturday late in this month to celebrate their two birthdays that are only 16 days apart.  

Blessed are the peacemakers (Isaac) -- for they will be called sons of God.


This is a very special day. 

The appointed Livesay family diplomat turns the big one - oh today.  

Ever so skilled with people, Isaac Livesay has been designated to conduct all officialnegotiations and maintain political, economic, and social  relations on behalf of his parents, siblings, and pets, whom by their very nature are far less tactful at managing delicate situations.  (Peanut especially can be quite crass. Not to mention Lydia, I mean really. No one can negotiate with that.)

As the years have quickly passed, we've been blessed again and again by this boy. We've come to realize that he is beyond unique. His smile brightens rooms. His joy lifts spirits. His sunny disposition trickles down on all those around him. His crazy levels of curiosity kill the cat...or at least ensures that he knows absolutely everything about them. He loves to learn. He asks dozens of questions every day, hoping to glean a greater understanding of things. He cares about how others feel. I mean he really genuinely cares. He is a gentle, kind, and peace-loving boy.  

In so many ways Isaac amazes us.  We'll sometimes say, "He's not like us. He's SO good." Much of who Isaac is is nurture; we know that.  But more is nature.  God made Isaac a boy that loves harmony and desires to encourage others. We'd be hard pressed to remember more than a handful of times when Isaac was mean to anyone. He really is one of the very kindest people we know.

It's pretty amazing that we get to get to have this boy in our family.  We're so lucky.