Thursday, September 06, 2012

Our turn to pray ...

EDIT: SEPTEMER 15 - MAMA Emmanuel was released from the hospital and is recovering further at her home in Petit Goave. THANK YOU for your prayers for her.

In 2010 after the earthquake we met little Emmanuel and his mother, affectionately called "Mama Emmanuel"   Emmanuel had been crushed in the earthquake and siblings of his had perished in the house where they all resided.

After tremendous loss Mama E impacted so many with her courage and joy ... Too many people to count. The proof of that and more of her story is found at this post from last year.  She prayed and encouraged and led many in worship at the Heartline field hospital.

Mama E ended up delivering Raphael (pictured on her lap) at Heartline last fall. (Nov. 2011) The birth was intense as those who love her collectively held their breath hoping for a beautiful, healing outcome for this family.

Last night word came from their home in Petit Goave that Mama E. was gravely ill and had lost a lot of blood.  Today the cause of her illness was determined and the afternoon brought dozens of phone calls as many attempted to find out if blood might be available for a desperately needed transfusion.

As of this moment some blood has made it to the location where she is hospitalized and we're praying and praying that her life will be spared.  She is in critical condition and will likely need additional transfusions. Please be praying for her and for miraculous provision as the system for receiving blood* is very difficult in Haiti.

Thank you.

*When you visit Haiti, (click to link to information) PLEASE GIVE BLOOD.