Thursday, September 20, 2012

september babies

Fifi's friends and family holding impromptu prayer time during her labor

Fifi welcomed her son into the world on 9/19
September is shaping up to be just as expected: busy!  
So far September is mainly about baby boys... we are thankful for many healthy babies and mommas this month!
  • Fifi had a baby boy at 3am today
  • Shedlyne and baby Regina are working at getting some weight on itsy-bitsy Regina
  • Nadege left the post-partum area after a week, she and her son Jerry are now home
  • Lumana and her son are doing well
  • Marie and her son are doing great too
  • Stephanie E. (one of three Stephanies) delivered her son Thursday night, it was a crazy intense birth with lost of adrenaline and a happy outcome 
  • Due to chronic hypertension issues Natacha delivered prematurely at a nearby hospital, we await further information 
  • One mama miscarried on Monday
  • Two more babies (maybe more) expected in September ... Wislene and Stephanie S. are both due at any moment
  • There are three or four other ladies with some pretty difficult concerns- It appears one mother will lose her child before or shorty after delivery due to a severe abnormality, we also have a couple older first time moms that are struggling a bit with fear and complications .... please don't underestimate the importance of your prayers for these ladies