Friday, September 21, 2012

fast friday facts

 Celebrating Edline's 38th birthday & Wini doing her prenatal visit.
Edline is pretty nervous about her delivery, please pray for her.
 Sarah D. & Lydia
Paige and Sarah X2
 Prenatal visit with Elaudie (Sarah O.)
our new entry-way art ... compliments of Sarah D.

  • Fridays at Heartline there is a 10am Bible Study led by Agathe.  
  • After Bibles Study Wini teaches a class about birth control and especially focuses on DepoProvera. Women that want to stay for Depo shots can stay. 
  • Women that think they are pregnant and want to get into the Prenatal program stay to be interviewed/screened.  
  • After all of that is finished there are usually a few other situations to sort through. It is always a busy and somewhat chaotic day.  We are thankful to offer women a chance to get free birth-control and have a bit of power over their future. 
  • The Depo program is growing by about ten new women every week. We have more than 500 women in that program at this time.
  • In midwifery training it is important and necessary to work under a preceptor. I will have at least two preceptors. Sarah O. and Melissa C. are both going to be supervising, teaching, correcting, and helping me.  It is going to be a busy week with Sarah O. in town ready to share her wisdom and experience. Here's hoping my brain isn't too atrophied to hold onto terms like trophoblast, blastocyst, and chorionic villi (that sounds like a villain in a cartoon, doesn't it?)  I am truly blessed to have these loving and brilliant women acting as my preceptors. 
  • The Sarahs are visiting from CA.  You might remember they are the kind women that housed Paige for her summer CA adventure. We're all so excited when they visit.
  • Dr. Jen is going to go south to visit Mama Emmanuel she was released from the hospital. Her life is truly a miracle, thanks for praying for her!