Saturday, September 29, 2012

free birds

On Friday, after another busy day, we actually went so far as to ask Jesus to please keep all babies inside of all bellies for this one weekend.  So far it is working. We enjoyed a day with friends today and have a family day planned tomorrow.  


Of course I'm not the only tired person. The whole little Heartline Maternity Center team doesn't want to look at any vaginas this weekend if at all possible. 

It's weird how a really difficult and busy week doesn't allow time to process anything and then you come home and find out that the really difficult week made your kids sad and disappointed and even that you hurt one of your kids with something you didn't do and then you're incredibly sad about that and then you still don't process the difficult week because you're trapped in a glass cage of emotion and you kind of just want to curl up in a ball and wait longer to begin to feel it all.

I don't have the oomph required to break down those four births and that long week of sick kids, very little sleep, sick self, sick husband, strained relationships, difficult goodbyes ... I only have the oomph to say - God is faithful.  Even when I've been bawling my head off over one situation or another, I've had this sense that I'm not alone and I'm not battling anything unknown to my Heavenly Dad. He showed Himself to me in the middle of the messes.That helps a lot. 

More soon.


PS - 
From the three day, four birth marathon, in order of birth ... 
Gidette named her baby girl "Fredge" 
(mixing Alfred and Gidette  ... yes, we questioned overlooking Fredette as a bit more conventional mixture of those names - but Fredge it is)
Stephanie named her son Daniel
Wislene named her daughter Saraphina
Edline named her son Shane 

Disclaimer regarding photo: 
Yes, no seatbelt. Yes, head out window. Yes, this is illegal in many countries. No, not this country. Yes, unsafe. No, not looking for feedback.