Sunday, September 21, 2008

Heartline Women's Program

Pierre has been in the hospital this weekend. He will have surgery to remove the growth on his leg. It needs to be removed in order to be fitted for his prosthetic leg. We visited with him briefly today and brought some food (no food in most hospitals here) and he seems in good spirits. We think surgery will be Tuesday, but as you know ... TIH.

Troy and I are enjoying learning our roles with the two ministries we are partnering with. We have been busy but excited about the important and fufilling work we're blessed to be a part of  at Heartline Ministries.

On Tuesdays the mothers who have already had their babies come in and on Thursdays there is a class for those ladies who have not yet delivered. Beth (and others) teach on many topics including labor and delivery, breastfeeding, family planning, STD's, nutrition, public health issues, parenting, anemia, child development ... and other important topics that deeply affect those residing in the developing world.
I have been learning how the program works and have been amazed each week at the heaviness I feel as I talk to these ladies and get a chance to hear a little of their stories. It is an intense ministry doing work on a grass roots level that meets a huge need in this society.
On Tuesday the lady above brought in her one day old baby. I was amazed that she got on a tap tap and walked in order to come to the program just 24 hours after giving birth. Her baby was not doing very well. After listening to her and looking her over Beth suggested to the Mom that she get her baby girl to a clinic right away. There were a few things that stuck out to us as we looked at her, but my medical lingo won't do it justice - so I won't attempt to explain. We're all anxious for Tuesday to see the Mom again and try to find out if her baby is doing okay.
I am always struck by the precarious balance in these ladies' lives. They teeter on the edge most of the time. It seems they are one mishap, one illness, or rain storm away from disaster. As we pray for each of them we meet with individually I often find myself on the verge of a meltdown.
To enter in to lives that are this different from my own is so humbling. Whether or not we can solve their every problem, it is always an opportunity to show love, be loving, and offer warmth and caring to them. At times there is the overwhelming sense of "I cannot even begin to address or understand this woman's problems" - and then the tendency to pull away emotinally because of feeling inadequate or unable to help. When you believe that because you cannot understand someones hardship you should not enter in - you're buying a lie that sells you short and keeps you from the blessing that love brings.
"Love is still a worthy cause."
-Sara Groves