Friday, September 19, 2008

Morning Run

I have always admired Beth McHoul's willingness to run in this crazy city. Now that we live close I am able to run with her a couple times a week and it is such a great way to start a day. I love Beth! I love running! Along the route we encounter thousands of people who find us strange and stare at us. The run is more like a zig-zag dance as we go up the curb down the curb around the garbage past the merchants through the intersections and heavy traffic. We must be constantly aware of our surroundings. It can be challenging at times just planning where to land your next step.

We manage to hold conversations in spite of all that stimulus. Sometimes we might start to say something and then need to hold our thought for 30 seconds or so while we avert an accident or try not to trip over trash or rocks ... but we're fairly skilled at this odd way of communicating in short bursts. :)

This morning we did about 6 miles. The two highlights today were
1. Being called "Masisi" (gay) by someone across the street - HA. Apparently two women running together has more meaning than we previously understood.
2. Having a UN Cop get on his loudspeaker and say "Keep it up ladies" in a Darth Vador type voice. We loved that!

Running is a mental and physical challenge - but it is one that leaves me feeling more prepared to be a mom, a wife, and a "missionary" and I am thankful for the two legs and the ability God gave me ... I hope when I am 53 like my friend Beth that I am still putting on the miles - wherever I might be then. ~tara