Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Update - The less serious

  • Still no Internet installed at home, it seems small in light of what is going on in Haiti this week. We'll keep finding internet every few days as time allows.
  • Troy got home from "Mich-i-Can, Ame-wica" (Noah) yesterday - we were all very happy about that. His trip went well.
  • I got to participate in the Women's Program today ... It was humbling and overwhelming and pretty amazing. I don't have time to get into the specifics right now. Tuesdays are the day that the moms who have already had their babies come. We taught about breast feeding. I am hoping the photos of demonstrating latching on properly on a plastic bag filled with milk never show up on any internet site ever. ;)
  • Jeronne will start literacy class on Monday. Please pray for her. Shame has a way of holding people down and back and we really hope she won't allow that in her life.
  • Troy and I both have falled way behind in email coorespondance. We want to apologize and tell you that we will catch back up with you and answer your questions once we have Internet at our home ... our time is limited now and we've just not had time to get caught up. We are not ignoring you! Thanks for your patience.
  • The bigger kids had Monday off of school, they returned today and had a great day. We're so thankful for this great option for them and that they're able to connect with other kids who "get" them. The car-pool ride is so crazy and fun, the way the kids bond with other MK's and really truly work as one big family is so cool to observe.
Tipap and his not-so-secret admirer Phoebe ... Troy and his THRILLED (to have Daddy home) son ... Paige and her soccer buddies in the "front yard" tonight.

We love you - we miss you - we're thankful for you!