Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kid Update

The grandmas and aunts in the bunch hate this no Internet thing ... they need a kid fix ... I tossed together a few random stories for you guys.
  • In true Noah form, we already have walls with color crayon on them … not even two weeks into residing here. :( Bye-bye damage deposit. That Noah is one tough nut to crack … no matter how you look at it. He did say that he did it because he was angry with us for taking Hope and not him when we ran an errand. At least he can identify why he acts like a butt. Is it odd to be encouraged by that?
  • Hope wanted to know what it means if something is Eppropriate. I said, “what do you mean?” She said, “Mrs. Ackerman told the boys that they were not being very Eppropriate today.” At first I thought it was new-fangled high-tech terminology --- but nope … just Hope being hard of hearing.
  • Isaac asked Dad and I, “Does Jesus live even further than outer space away from here?” I punched Dad to indicate it was his question … and Dad said, “Well, Jesus lives in your heart Isaac.” The response was pure unbelief … “WHAT – ARE YOU SAYING THERE ARE TWO JESUS’????? I never heard that before!” After much explaining that did not meet Isaac’s approval, Isaac shrugged and said, “I just cannot believe there are two of Jesus Grandpa.” (Dad does not know the rule of answering Isaac questions. The rule is – be sure your answer will not create loop holes for confusion.) The answer should have been – “Jesus could be far or he could be close – depending on your perspective.”
  • Paige finds ways to make a white shirt and navy bottom into a fashion statement each day. Reading the names of her classmates is like reading the members of NATO … talk about a diverse group! I don’t think her international school experience will ever be topped. The life-stories of her classmates are all so interesting.

  • Phoebe is now going by the name “Madame Tipap.” From the moment she wakes until the moment she is asleep for the night she wanders around calling for Tipap. She is totally enamored with him and he never tires of saying “Phoebe” (in a shrill high mocking voice) right back to her every Tipap.

  • Lydie B. has only three top teeth. It looks very hillbilly and very odd.

  • Annie had a rough week but seems to be on the mend now.
  • Peanut misses her wide open spaces for chasing chickens and goats. We’re working through the steps of the grief process with her. Right now we're working the denial step.

  • Stateside kids: Britt (and Chris) started classes at Baylor last week and report that things are going well in Texas. They are full on wedding planning for their January nuptials and now have added a March Cap Hatian mission trip to their list of travels.