Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Update - Pressing Needs

We’ve heard from many that you feel helpless and wish you could do something about some of the areas that were hardest hit by the recent storms. We agree that it feels difficult to know how to help.

Today we were sent photos from the area of Cabaret that were incredibly horrible and graphic. I won't post them here but I will say that they are literally pulling dead babies and children out of muddy river beds and stacking the bodies in trucks. People have lost their children, their mothers, their brothers and friends. All because of some rain. It breaks our hearts.

For those concerned about the Zachary family and the Real Hope for Haiti mission and the people of the Cazale and the surrounding areas - please keep them in your prayers.

Many were swept away in the water and lost loved ones and homes and possessions. State Farm Insurance is not cutting checks in two weeks, two months or ever. These losses are huge. They will have long-lasting effects on these areas.

Licia is holding down the fort while her Dad and sister are away in Indiana but reports that things have been more than grim there. She needs tons of encouragement and strength that only God can give to get through these next days and weeks.

Tomorrow we’re renting a truck and filling it with what we can and praying for the best, we hope to meet some of her people and get the stuff across an area where the road has washed away. They need clean water. Pray that water and filters will get there tomorrow.

If you wish to support this family and their ministry efforts please don’t email them (they’re so busy) or me (we have limited access right now) - any information you might need about what they do in Cazale and their work can be found on their blogs.

Also you might consider contacting Jamie Ivey at jamie@aaronivey.com and she will give you multiple ways to donate money to the Real Hope for Haiti ministry. If a deduction is important to you, please know that RHFH is a registered 501C3 and you will be receipted for your gift. You can do it on line, or you can do it the old fashioned way. Jamie can provide you with testimonials and references if you need to hear more before you give.

Our testimonial:
Troy and I have watched this family and their work for three years and we can tell you that they give sacrificially to the area they serve and that they are “the real deal”. There is nothing easy about what they do. We believe that their ministry is an amazing and gritty and hard-core way of being the hands and feet of Jesus to a lost and hurting world. We leave after a few hours exhausted by what we’ve seen – they live it - Every. Single. Day. They humble us, they impress us ... they need us to return some love right now.

When given an offer to be picked up/helped out (by the US gov't) and taken out of the area - Licia refused … They are committed to the people they serve and the best way WE ALL can SERVE THEM is by prayers – prayers and more prayers along with generous financial gifts.

We hope you’ll get on board.

They are filtering muddy river water through towels for drinking -- they cannot get anywhere due to roads washing away – they are being brought bodies lost in the storm - and this is on top of caring for multiple sick people and 75+ children in a rescue center. The pressure of the need is crushing.

If every person reading sent what it would cost to go out to eat, or approximately $30 - not only would it free them up to make some decisions about how to help in their community, but it would encourage them and it would be confirmation for them that they are not alone. If 700 readers sent $30 – the ministry would have 21K to work with in the next few weeks. The greatest effect we could all have – would be to donate the money immediately. Not tomorrow, not when you think of it this weekend – right now. PLEASE do it today. It is rally time.

Thank you. Your money will directly help victims of the storms in Haiti. I promise you that.

Thursday has its own plans developing … But we’ve learned in Haiti – it is best to take it just one day at a time.

May God cover us all tomorrow and may His people in Cazale, Haiti feel loved and encouraged and may relief come to them all soon.


N’ap pale avek ou demen – si bondye vle.

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(We live very near the airport and have seen a huge increase in helicopter traffic, hopefully those helicopters are getting where they are most needed.)