Thursday, April 29, 2010


Thank you so much!
The 5K match will be granted by Homebound Missions, thanks to all of you. Watch for it to be added to the Chip In meter soon.

The meter is at 22K (exceeding what was required for the match by $1,300!) and a few folks have also donated by mail. We will get a total for the mailed in donations and let you know that soon.

You have now donated enough to purchase 10 houses and 10 more will be given by Maxima. S. A.

20 Families will be helped ... please stay tuned for details on those families. If you would pray for them that would be even better. This process will take some time. Identifying families and sorting out land issues will happen for the next 50+ days.

By mid June we hope to begin to buy and build. We will be accountable to you and report in as they are purchased and built.

Oh, and Paige also owes you all 13.1 miles on June 6th. :) She is preparing to keep up her end of the deal. If you still wish to help the house number grow, the chip in meter will be up and operational until June 10.

Mesi Anpil tout moun!