Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paige's Goal - Update

You might have noticed in the previous post from Paige, she posted a goal that she thought was somewhat balanced between challenging and obtainable.

Thanks to the generosity of good people, in 30 minutes the goal was reached. :) So -- maybe not such a challenging goal after-all!?? Since then a lot more has come in. Paige is totally excited, thinking that twice her original goal is very likely by race day, June 6, 2010. She is going to leave the goal the way it was and just see what happens. Please consider sponsoring her even though she is over 100% of goal.

The neatest development of all has been an offer made by Maxima S.A. They have offered a house for house match. This is a factory that had been producing products and employing people for a long time - they are in Haiti - and now, post- EQ they are producing pre-fab houses. They are creating many jobs by doing all of the work in Haiti - you may have seen them when former Presidents Bush and Clinton visited their factory a few weeks ago.
This came from them last night:
Blogger Stefan said...

I am so proud of you!!
MAXIMA S.A. wants to sponsor you:

For every house you raise money for, they will give you a house for FREE.

Go Girl !!

Stefan & Els

We are linking you to their site to see what the houses look like. We are estimating that each house will cost $2,500. For every ONE house that Paige can raise funds for, Maxima S.A. will give her a house!

As of the posting of this update - WITH YOUR HELP - Paige has enough to purchase FOUR homes and Maxima S.A. will GIVE her FOUR more -- Eight Houses and Eight families helped.

We're really excited to see where this goes. Amazing things have happened in less than 24 hours. Thanks for joining in and not only encouraging Paige -- but more importantly, helping the people of Haiti begin to rebuild.

We will keep you posted as we're able to identify the families that will be receiving new homes. A link to the Chip In Meter for Paige's race is also being added to the left side of this blog. Thanks for chipping in!

T & T & P