Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

We hope you're with people you love as you celebrate the resurrection of Christ and all that means to each of us. We're thankful for forgiveness and hope.

We're experiencing our first Easter all-together state-side since 2005. On the way to the Easter egg hunt on Saturday Troy shared the obligatory lecture about with the kids about the commercialism of the celebration as he tried to convince the kids that eggs hidden in fields and giant white rabbits are not really related at all to the crucified and risen Christ. I'm pretty sure to them it was a lot like listening to Charlie Brown's mom ... waa waahhh waaa wahh waaa. I give him an E for effort though. Our Port au Prince Easter celebrations did not require such a lecture - no giant community organized egg hunts or chocolate bunnies in PAP.

Troy is preparing to return home on Wednesday. We're more happy for him than we are jealous ... but still a little bit jealous.