Monday, April 26, 2010

House for House Run for Haiti

Hi Everyone- This is Paige

It's been crazy to watch this all unfold so far. Already reaching the goal is a shock - and so cool! Thank you to everyone who has donated & also to those who have been praying. It' been amazing & I know it is not over yet.

The reason that I chose to have the money that I try to raise go to houses - is that I will know some of the people the houses could go to. I get to help with the Women's Program twice a week and when we have a lady in labor I get to be a doula and help with Kreyol and a lot of those women have become my friends.

I want to tell you about this - Homebound Missions is a ministry that helps out other ministries and they offer material and financial aid to other ministries on the ground. They call themselves the missionaries to the missionaries. Homebound Missions has come forward and are willing to do a matching grant for us. The grant they have offered is for $5,000.

So I'm hoping to raise another 5,000 ( two houses) to get that big grant. If I can raise another 5K by June and they give me 5K (2 more houses) - that will be 4 houses we buy and 4 houses that my friends at Maxima S.A. will give us! 8 more houses as a result of raising 5K more. Right now the meter stands at $15,702. That is a lot of money! If you guys will help me to get to $20,702 then Homebound Missions will give the five thousand that they promised.

Thank you to everyone who has donated & been praying. It means so much to me to know that so many people care about Haiti.