Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tweet and RT Sivouple !

Thank you to each and every person that has chipped in to the housing 1/2 marathon fund. We are only $2,714 away from receiving the Homebound Missions 5K match. The houses are $2,500 each. With the 5K you all are giving, plus the 5K match, plus the Maxima House for House match we are looking at another 8 houses on top of the 12 we had as of Sunday night. (6 you already helped with and the 6 they already gave us!) (20 total houses is just $2,714 away.)

Troy and John will be trying to identify the families that will receive the homes. Please be praying for discernment and wisdom ... so many people have legitimate needs and this will not be an easy thing to decide. Land is also an issue and it will be easier to give house to families that have a small piece of land to put them on. We are also exploring other land options for those that don't already own.