Friday, June 25, 2010

Fair & "Erf-quake" Thoughts

Today Isaac was telling me that a kid at the YMCA always asks him why his sister is white.  I said, "What do you tell the kid?"  Isaac said, "I tell him our skin doesn't matter, she is still my sister. I tell him that every time Mama."   I asked how it made him feel being asked that.  He said, "I don't know. Just that kid doesn't get us."

I suggested telling the kid that our family was built with adoption and we're okay with being different and looking different.  Isaac said, "I like that Mom! I am trying that out tomorrow."  Then he practiced saying it out loud. :)  Noah chimed in and said, "No one ever asks me why my sister is white. No fair!"

Earlier this week the boys were arguing over who got to hold the Hermit Crab longer. Noah went on and on and on in the way only Noah can and finally Hope interjected ... as she is known to do when things get a little bit stupid.  She said in her most annoyed voice, "Noah, life is not fair.  We've talked about this!"

We don't know what our kids will recall about the very odd year that was 2010, but we are recording some of their memories for posterity's sake.  Here are a few clips of Erfquake thoughts. You'll notice who the talker is in the bunch. You'll also notice he is very gassy. :)