Saturday, June 26, 2010

Update From Hispaniola

  •  The time we've been able to spend with friends (like John Beth Jonna Jessica Lisa Corrigan Dan Peter Tipap Geronne Els Stefan Alexi Manoucheka Natacha Amanda Emmanuel Renald Patrick Marjorie Rosemond Antoinette and many others) so far has been healing, encouraging, and wonderful.
  •  Today we met with and planned with the good folks at Maxima regarding the homes Paige and so many of you raised money for. We got pics, specs, prints, and set off with a large tape measure.

  • We spent a little time catching up with the Heartline hospital patients and workers - not nearly enough time but we'll get back over there.
  • Took a look at where Marjorie's home used to be - it is always a joy to return with the patients to their family, friends, and neighbors - they are so warm and happy to see them (the community among the people here is a blessing to observe) and truly know how miraculous it is that they are alive. Marjorie's home is gone, reduced to rubble, but mostly cleared and ready for a new home to be constructed. The land belongs to the family so after a little more prep work on the site the wooden house can be built. We hope to arrange this one before we leave.
  •  John treated the traveling crew to Dominoes Pizza - during the break there I scoured Petionville for parts/supplies to fix our internet problems myself but to no avail. 
  •  I bought two pineapples from a street vendor for about four dollars - maybe a decent deal but my negotiating skills are definitely rusty. Photo above of 'machann elektwonik'.
  •  We returned to the home of Rosemond's grandparents that will care for him since being orphaned by the earthquake. There is just barely enough space left among the rubble on a tiny lot carved into a hillside to put up a new home for them. Measurements were taken, rocks placed at the important places, and plans were made for leveling the area in preparation for the new house.
  • Port au Prince traffic continues to be a mysterious maze of frustration and incomprehensible madness.
  •  Having Paige here and experiencing this with her is a blessing that I am thankful for. 
  • I already miss the rest of the family back in Texas, and still have a deep desire for us all to be back together on this little island in this tiny country that has perplexed and challenged and grown us over so many years.
  • The prayer service on the campus of Quisqueya Christian School with Port au Prince Fellowship peeps (try saying that ten times quickly) was sweet and strengthening. I am thankful for Dan and Liz Carl for their leadership, hard work, and hearts for Haiti.
  • I will go borrow some internet to post this and maybe add a few pictures...some other pictures from today have been loaded on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else we could send them whenever we passed by some information superhighway today.
  • Paige and I are still up trying to load pics and process the day and it is waaaaay too late so I won't even tell you what is on the schedule tomorrow/today depending on your time zone. You'll have to watch for Tweets/texts/Facebooks/telegrams to find out.