Friday, June 11, 2010

Ti Update

Paige's total finished up at $52,600 ~ On Paige's behalf Troy and I thank each of you that supported her through prayers and donations.The joy your giving and love brought us cannot be expressed well without hugs and high-fives. We've been blessed abundantly by this on-line community of loving and giving people. Thank you so much for your kindness. We're anxious to see what God does with the gifts and to meet the families that will build new homes.

Life is sort of a whirlwind right now. We struggle a bit with not being able to set our return date and commit to a plan for our kids' schooling - or let our ministry partners and support-team know what happens next. Trust us, we'd love to know! At the same time we know we're being given a unique opportunity here in Texas. The friends we have here have loved us unconditionally and allowed us to be right where we are and have accepted us with grace and mercy.

The next trip back to Port au Prince is fast approaching and our heads are spinning preparing and trying to figure out how to make the most of that trip.

Our kids are all doing great. Even our last little challenge (lucky #7) seems to be a bit less frustrated of late. We'll
try to make more time for updates both Haiti and family related in the coming days.

Today is the Birthday of a man I admire and love. He is turning 35 years old. In so many ways he exhibits behaviors of a much older and wiser man. I love that his yes means yes. I love that he cares more about love and relationships than he does about ideals, being right, or gaining influence. I have seen him get hurt and learned from him about turning the other cheek and trusting God for healing and restoration. He is patient. He is kind. He makes me want to be a better person. We're so blessed to call him our Husband, Daddy, Partner, Role-Model, Protector, and Friend.


Tara and your wild tribe