Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tejas Tribe

Troy and Paige extended their trip by two days.

The kids and I had been focusing our eyes on July 1st - a target date we've now adjusted by a couple days. Truly, everyone here in Texas handled it really well.  Even me.  Since no one congratulated me on my grown-up response, I'm taking care of that here.  Congrats Tara! You're a super-duper big person now.

I can see and feel the joy and peace in Paige and Troy's words and photos and I am excited they get to stay a tiny bit longer and soak up some more and accomplish as much as they can. 

The five littlest Livesays have been spending time each day with me at the YMCA.  I can single parent a looong time as long as I can get some exercise. The kids keep asking, "Why do we go EVERY day?"  I don't tell them it has everything to do with their very livelihood. I just let them think it is because I am the nicest mom ever.

Yesterday I over-did it. I thought I could get a run in, and do two classes.  I tried that ridiculous Zumba class. (ditch the workout join the party?)  I found out I am neither Latino or coordinated and Zumba was created for people with double-jointed hips.  I cannot, as it turns out, do that much and still stand upright the next day. Plus, I overslept and in my weariness I totally forgot today is pre-school day for Noah.  He got there an hour and ten minutes late.  (Retracts self-congratulatory statement - not such a super-duper mature grown up after-all.)

After the Y, the kids had a little civics lesson last night. I took them to meet Laura Bush at a book-signing. In theory it was a good idea and an opportunity for a little learning. Once I saw the line my commitment to education drastically waned and I tried to talk them into bailing out and going home to learn about her on the internet.  Lydia and Phoebe were fighting over every book we passed in line and acting their ages. Lydia cries when you tell her no, so she spent a good portion of that hour crying. The Secret Service security guys made mention of how full my hands were.  Good of them to notice.  I am not that into being a spectacle - but Isaac and Noah and Hope would not hear of leaving without meeting the former First Lady (or fourth-lady? according to Isaac).  So we patiently (that patiently part is a lie) waited our turn to chat with her.

Some recent conversations ... 

"Hi nice to meet you Mrs. Bush!"  "Mrs. Bush, I have a question.  What was it like living at the White House?"  (Mrs. Bush told him it was really interesting and that he should visit there someday.)

"Mama, if I become President I will see the White House then." (I chose not to inform him of his ineligibility for that office.)

Isaac - "Wow. I really loved meeting her. I think she looks like Mrs. Ackerman."  (A teacher at QCS in PAP - he is actually not too off on that observation.)

Noah -
"It is weally sad when people have to wipe their butts with leaves. I bet that huwts."

"Mom - one mowe question. If there was no sin in the wold, would there still be fwogs? Cuz I weally like fwogs."

Isaac -
"Mom, I am SOOOO popular at the YMCA.  There is no one that knows me that does not like me." (Oh self-esteem that knows no defeat.)

"Can a lion run faster than a cheetah?"  (no- a cheetah is faster Noah) "Is a wolf or a cheetah faster?"  (Cheetah) "Okay, so then you're saying maybe a cheetah could even catch me."  (That seems possible.)

Hope - (after returning home from outing)
"Thank you Mom.  Thanks for taking us to that.  Really Mom - thanks because I am noticing you do all the work around here, I think I am gonna start doing more tomorrow."

That's it from Tejas. Somebody please help me remember to go get Noah at 2pm.