Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miracles & Prayers

Hundreds of babies have been safely ushered into the world and lives have certainly been saved through the efforts of multiple volunteer Docs and Nurses.   The hospital was opened to respond to the earthquake. As of this moment it is still operating.

I rarely write about this hospital because I have not yet been able to visit and see it and I've not had the privilege of knowing first-hand all of the cool things going on down there.

Pat shares ...

"We went to the Leogane Field Hospital and as soon as we arrived, Dr. Chris Buresh charged past us saying, “Hi  - excuse me – coming through.”  The generator had gone down and he was rushing to restart it to keep an oxygen machine operating in the post natal room.

As we entered, we found Dr. Chris attending to 3-month-old Eddisson.  A nurse was administering oxygen and Chris was inserting a chest tube.  I heard Chris say, “I’m not ready to call it yet.”  I thought, we can’t see a baby die right away.  That just can’t happen.

Chris told us that Eddisson had a “wicked case of pneumonia” and there was barely and breath sounds.  He told us Baby E would most likely die that night.  We were all very sad.

We saw Chris later and asked how the baby was.  He said he was still alive but didn’t think he would live.

Before we left Leogane, the group asked to pray for the baby and his parents.  We surrounded him and touched his soft, downy head and prayed for God’s healing.  As we were praying, the baby opened his eyes.  Chris said, “Wow!”  Eddisson’s oxygen level was at 100%. 

Chris was amazed and said, “He might make it.”
Later Chris said there was no doubt it was a miracle."

Please keep praying for the people of Haiti and all the challenges they face.
Good thoughts from Carrie here.