Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Question for Readers

The older people are telling us that the new colors are harder for them to read.  We made the font size bigger.  Maybe too big?   (We had the font white and heard white was bad, changed it to brown but now are hearing brown is bad.)

File your complains here. We'll try to fix it.

3:50 pm ** A few changes made.  If you cannot read it I think you need to visit your nearest eye-care professional.

(inner box is now lighter than outer box color. text is black. font is sort of old-person biggish. massage therapist will come rub your back and feet while you read -- rose petals will be dropped from heaven creating a beautiful aroma, sweet comforting music will serenade you. Relaxing candle-lit room should appear within minutes of logging on - bubble bath is running in the bathroom nearest you. You'll burn calories while you read, yet you won't sweat or feel fatigued. A beverage cart should be coming by to offer you a full array of your favorite choices very soon.)