Friday, June 25, 2010

Recent Tweets

Friday ...
Planning water truck deliveries and school options for two communities in Cite Soleil … deye mon gen mon
RT @mchoulj: If you stop learning, you will forget what you already know. Proverbs 19:27 // learning from John today
Please pray for the leaders of the Haitian Govt and the UN – that they would make decisions that benefit the real people of #Haiti
Thursday ...
Thankful for the dry bed and roof over my head tnght. Tomrrrw we will visit the factory where the homes are being built and check bldng sites.
RT @worldorphans More than 400,000 Haitian children were slaves before the earthquake, now countless others are orphans at risk for a similar fate.
Low lying clouds and windy in PAP. Men working with shovels on every block trying to move mountains.
Great praying and planning meeting at the Heartline office this morning. Thankful for these guys.
Wednesday ...
Blog posted from borrowed internet-check. Rats chirping outside somewhere-check. Roosters crowing-check. Mosquitoes biting-check.  Good night all.
Plumbing and internet problems seem ridiculous and miniscule in light of the challenges most of the people in #Haiti are still facing.
Spent the evening unpacking and catching up with friends and trying to fix internet and plumbing problems. It is good to be back.
Banann peze, Poul Fri, Pikliz, Diri Kole. It is good to be home in #Haiti.