Saturday, June 05, 2010

Weekend Update

Troy here - the part of here called Texas. Tara and Paige and the boys are in Minnesota preparing for the big event tomorrow morning. Paige, Tara, and Tina will be running 13 miles rain or shine in Minneapolis - they should be pounding the pavement from approximately 7 to 9:30 am. Dr. Jen will be there leading the cheering squad and providing real time updates via Twitter...I'll be passing them along as well.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed, written, and prayed leading up to this event - please pray them through tomorrow. Once again, it has been amazing and humbling to watch the original goal get crushed and for God to remind us how big He is.

Tara wrote to me earlier with the following updates: Even with rain in the forecast, they are still excited (then a smiley face). Paige was described as 'adorable and happy'. While they were registering and picking up their race packets today they ran into an old friend of ours from back in our DJ'ing days (don't ask)...Matty Ko was the MC for the race expo and announced Paige's accomplishments and the 45k raised for Haiti - Paige got a big round of applause (and hopefully a really red face) and then some vendors at the expo gave her some free gifts. It was "super cute and fun". (That quote is from Tara - I almost never refer to anything as super cute - not in public forums anyway.)

To Paige - I am so unbelievably proud of you. Not just because of your hard work training for the race tomorrow, although that has been fun to watch (especially your bright red face when you come back and fall on the ground)...but mostly because of your giving spirit and selfless actions of love toward others. There may be other fifteen-year-olds in the world that are as incredible as you, but I highly doubt it. (Sorry other fifteen-yr-olds, but I'd put her up against you any day.)
I love you and know you will do incredible things, not just tomorrow but for the rest of your life.

I was going to go on a run myself tonight, then almost suffocated in the humidity while taking the trash out so retreated back into the air conditioned house. I'm getting soft. Time to get back to Haiti.


P.S. Current total $44,499.84 (16 cents short of 18 houses + 18 houses=36 houses)