Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Completed Challenges & Evolving Goals

John McHoul-  Haiti's favorite long haired hippie, has conceded defeat.   His hay-uh will go. 

It took us ten months to convince him to allow this challenge and only two months to raise the money to meet the challenge.  I like the way you people operate.

John was promised 100 days so we are going to allow him the rest of the 36 days with hay-uh on his head. 

Either way the day of reckoning is coming.  All who have been teased and tortured prepare to feel at least temporarily satisfied as  justice is served.  Come November, all shall see and know the cranium that lies beneath the rug.

In mid-November a video-recorded hair-cut of epic proportions will take place.  You can send your XXXL hats to John before then. 

John requried 50K to allow a hay-uh cut.  Done and done. 

Troy, being younger and less vain, has been challenged to also do something drastic if another 25K comes in prior to the November 12 cut-off date.  As explained to the left of the blog underneath the Chip-In meter, Troy will shave his head/get a Mohawk/dye his hair blue or pink if the meter reaches 58K. We'll take a poll if it appears the goal is going to be reached.
The meter itself currently reads $33,737

I personally would prefer for John to suffer alone, but helping build a hospital is worth sacrificing the sexy well-kept hair of my darling husband.