Monday, October 04, 2010


Our next runner

two irresistible gifts
one heart-stopping beauty
Cake and Candles - Take Two
Kiss me Paige: Not optional
two MORE irresistible gifts 

Started my day off by going back to the site of our picnic to dig through the trash can looking for our lost cell phone - in my pajamas and mismatched flip-flops  - like you do.   We spent the better part of three hours searching before we located the phone.  Do you think there is any chance small children are in cahoots with the cell phone companies, taking a payoff under the table for every cell phone they "help" their parents lose?  Seems possible probable to us.   

                                               In other news: John McHoul is going to be bald, bald, and bald.  We reached the Hay-uh goal!!!! We will keep the chip-in open until the 100 days are up as we continue to raise funds for the hospital.  Once the hay-uh cut date is decided we'll make that announcement.  I am simply amazed at your generosity and interest and support of the Hospital.   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :)