Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Countdown

We are uber happy to have a return to Ayiti date.  In less than three months we'll be leaving our "home" of many months - Waco, TX.  (or the 254 as they call it in these here parts)

We loathe asking for help for our personal finances like you cannot imagine.  It requires humility that we don't really exhibit well because apparently we don't possess it.

Asking for money for hungry kids, widows, hospitals, and programs =  easy
Asking for money to feed/clothe/educate/transport the Livesay lards = difficult

We're returning to Port au Prince with increased monthly expenses so we're facing the fact that we need to make the most of our next 12 weeks stateside. We have two ideas we'd like you to share with anyone you know in central Texas. (Facebook share or Tweet or Email them this post ask them to share it with anyone they think might be interested.)

We have 9 Sundays and most weeknights available to share the raw, real, encouraging, and challenging stories of the work being done in Haiti. God-sized awesome stories. We can drive up to 200 miles from Waco to speak at your church, community, or civic group event.  We can do this without any guarantee of financial support. We'll come share without expectation and if it leads to your support of us personally or of either of the two ministries we work with - great!  If not, we'll be thrilled to have met new friends in Texas and humbly ask for your prayers. Our goal is to encourage the audience that God redeems, restores, and performs miracles today and He uses regular, messy people to do it. If you are within 200 miles of Waco and have an interest in having us come or have questions please write us at

Troy enjoys photography and is not too shabby at it either.  He is interested in doing indoor/outdoor photo shoots for engagements/kids/families/holiday/special occasions in the Waco area.  He will provide you with high resolution digital copies of the images from the shoot. The printing of images won't be part of the service. There is no fee charged for his time and talent, we simply request that you consider a donation comparable to what you might pay a studio photographer to our work in Haiti in exchange for his time/images.  Want to hire Troy and help us get back to work in Haiti all at once?  Please write us at to set up an appointment.