Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gwo Cheve Update

extreme makeover scheduled
The Gwo Cheve Challenge turned out to be no challenge for you all - THANK YOU to every donor.

The land is being cleared and plans are being made and prayed over.  As you all know it will take a lot more than this initial 50K to get a hospital built but this money certainly gets us going and encourages us that we are on the right path.

A Heartline board meeting is scheduled for November, please be praying for the board, the volunteers/staff in the U.S., and the missionaries that work in Haiti as we gather to plan and pray about the future.

I have recently learned that I will have the dubious task of making John hay-uh free.  Because I won't be seeing him until the board meeting his hay-uh cut will take place November 18.

I truly hate that I feel a little bit sorry for him.  He has a Yankees hat to wear after he becomes bald but the combination of that giant head and a losing team's hat, stirs in me some sort of sympathy.  I need to let go of any sensitivity toward him by November 18.  Troy will be filming the event as promised, it will be posted here shortly thereafter.

The Chip-In meter will remain open until November 12 when the 100 day challenge ends. All gifts received there will be applied to the hospital project. Thank you all!