Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miss Independent

Lydia "I don't need you" Livesay continues her malicious quest to defeat her parents.

New tactics:
  • After using bathroom if I pull her underwear up she pulls them back down - and then back up.
  • After using bathroom if I flush toilet (on accident) she screams bloody murder that I did it for her and re-flushes causing toilet troubles.
  • I attempt to get her something on a high shelf in the bathroom. She insists on getting out of the tub, going to the kitchen, getting a chair, pushing it the full length of the house to the bathroom, getting it herself, getting back in tub.
  • I try to help her find the hole for her head in her shirt, she insists on trying to shove her head into the arm hole. Correction not accepted. 
If we cannot stop her I foresee:
  • Her spouse goes to the store to grab milk.  She takes it, returns it, buys it again herself.
  • He pays the bills.  She stops payment on all the checks/cancels all the transactions on line, and does it again herself.
  • Artificial insemination. She is not letting someone else get her pregnant. Not happening. Troy will be okay with this.
In other weird kid news-
Noah now does his homework in the truck in the driveway.  He thinks by not coming in the house he gets "more play time".  Not sure about that reasoning, but it certainly allows him a quieter environment to do his homework.

Phoebe and Lydia ate 6 packets of stale instant oatmeal today. 
SO ... the eat down -  still on.