Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cholera Continues


go here to read entire post on their blog.  

Most importantly - PLEASE pray for them.

Written by Licia and Lori - 
I have started this post several times now trying to get into words what we at RHFH are feeling tonight.  We are very overwhelmed.  Even through the flood, earthquake and many other large challenges we have faced we are feeling more right now.  We see no real end in sight.  We see the need growing.  We see many, many people that are in great need of help with cholera.  We are not slackers.  We plan ahead for supplies and try to keep up.  We try our best.  But when the numbers increase as fast as they are we are having a difficult time keeping ahead.  We will be out of IV fluids tomorrow by noon.  But… CAM (Christian Aid Ministries) has a load for us to pick up early tomorrow morning.  We are so thankful to them for helping us over, and over and over again.  Always with a cheerful heart.
We knew yesterday that the numbers were picking up as we ran out of chairs for people to sit in.

In this small little yard, donated by a person in the Cazale community, many lives are being touched.

Tonight we had 101 people at the 6pm bed count.  There has been several others admitted after 6pm.  We have 67 cots.  I think you can figure out where that puts us tonight with beds and sleeping.  Several people to each cot.  Literally people everywhere.

Please read the story of a man that died within  hours of becoming ill and the rest of their moving post and specific ways you can pray for them here.
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ALSO — as for needed supplies, anyone reading this can start sending supplies for the container leaving Minnesota this fall. They are also sending items into Haiti with teams leaving from Minnesota nearly every week for the next 8 weeks.

PLEASE send supplies to: Debbie Woodward
Northrup King Building
Main Office
1500 Jackson Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Anyone who has questions can e-mail debra_woodward@msn.com

Please don't send something without being sure it is a high priority item first.  Items that are sent without clearance may not be put onto the container.