Thursday, July 28, 2011

the fabulous, fabulous lives of the middle-class and unfamous

(by tara)

I'm back home with the spaz-crew. They greeted me with much fanfare and acted like I'd been gone for weeks. The celebration dance Noah did for me yesterday when I pulled into the driveway was an all-time top-five welcome home gift.

Nothing about July 23 through July 26 had anything to do with responsibility or reality.

Two sisters went on a little vacation together and had a schedule that looked like this:

Sleep in, drink giant coffee made by someone else, go for a run, head to the pool to lounge and sun, get dressed/ready, go browse a few shops, go out to eat, return to hotel, watch TV in bed till sleepy ....

 ... sleep in, drink giant coffee made by someone else, go for a run, head to the pool to lounge .... you get the idea.  The main first world problem we had was deciding where to go out to eat each evening. As challenging as it was we prevailed and made a choice every night.

Our lives were so.totally.all.about.leisure for four fabulous days.  A person could get quite lard-ish very quickly if allowed to be that unproductive for long. 

South Beach had some of the best people watching imaginable.  The human mind cannot conceive of the lengths people will go to in order to gain the attention of strangers on a beach. I'm left questioning everything I ever believed about fashion and mankind. 

Just like that four days flew by and I'm back to eating food that is neither Sushi  - nor is it arranged in the shape of a flower.  That's tough stuff. Really hard for us. I'm sure you can understand how difficult this major adjustment back to non-flower shaped foods could potentially be for both of us.

In all seriousness, the time together was so good for both of us. We had a lot to catch up on and talk about and we enjoyed the opportunity to do that face to face. We logged 24 miles in the hot steamy (late) mornings in Coral Gables. The trip was perfection, all the way down to to the small details ... The restaurant at our hotel was called 'Two Sisters'.  :)

We've never met in the middle  like that  - and now of course we think it must become a mandatory annual event or we'll surely perish.

Thank you Troy and Paige for making it so easy for me to go have fun with Tina. You two are the best!