Wednesday, July 20, 2011

one small favor

By Heather

Help us Make our Maternity Center a Reality by Simply Voting

Heartline has a chance to receive a $50,000 grant.  All we need is more votes.

$50,000 is a lot of money.  If we win the grant, we're one step closer to building our maternity center.

Although most of our ladies deliver their babies naturally at Heartline under the care of the midwives, there are times when there are complications.  Finding a hospital for our ladies, in an emergency situation, is rarely easy.  We've even been known to barter our way into a hospital using baby formula. Our heart sinks when we realize we must send one of our ladies to a hospital to deliver her baby or that we can't give a newborn the care they need, so we must seek outside help.  Our ladies and babies are valuable to us, and it matters to our team if they are treated with dignity, respect, and professional care.  We can't always guarantee those things if we have to transport them in an emergency to a nearby hospital.

Our goal is to build a maternity center where we will be able to handle all of those emergency situations that require us to load up our precious women and babies and drop them off at the front gate of a hospital.  We would love to keep our ladies with us, where they know their midwives and doctors, and feel safe and comfortable giving birth.

If the women and children at Heartline have stolen your heart, will you please take half a second and go vote for Heartline here?  You go to this page, click on "vote" and you're done.  So easy.

Can I ask another favor?  Will you help us spread the word?  We think we have a pretty decent shot at winning this thing, but that can't happen unless we all work together and spread the word.  Will you advocate for our ladies and babies today by asking your friends/family/co-workers/churches/sports teams/school organizations to vote for Heartline?  
-Heather Hendrick, Heartline Ministries