Saturday, July 30, 2011

dishonest depiction

Top Half of Card

Bottom Half of Card

Today is Tara's birthday.  Last week Isaac came to say he was going to make a card for her. He left. He came back to ask me how old she was going to be.  I told him 39.  He left again.

When he returned he had a horrified look on his face. He held up his paper to show me the grave mistake he had made.  He was concerned he needed to start all over again.  I told him, "It's fine buddy."  He said, "But Dad, that is not really what she looks like." (He decided to just make a note of apology right there on the birthday card.)

Tara's birthday wish: 
No, not for implants in order to make this drawing accurate  ...  :)

Her wish is that you would read this post our friends wrote and consider giving a gift to their ministry as they daily fight Cholera in Haiti.