Friday, July 22, 2011

help us win!

I love the way this set of photos captures the love and care each woman receives in the Heartline Prenatal Program. From the time they enter the program, through the multiple months of prenatal care, and long beyond the difficult day of labor and delivery  - we make it our goal to be loving, concerned, and connected friends to each and every woman in the program. 

For the "Giving of Life" grant contest we are currently in second place.  The voting will continue until November.  Someday when you are extremely bored please choose the "register for more votes" option in the top right corner.  If you provide your name and email address the Giving of Life people will give you three more votes.  We know registering is extra steps and it takes time, but if you're willing to share minimal information we would really REALLY appreciate it if you could register and use all the votes possible.

Also, unless there is some sort of fluke here in Haiti.... It appears you can vote once every day without registering. First place wins 50K, second place will receive 20K and third place wins 10K.  We'd really love to be in the running for that money come November.  We're up against some organizations with 200,000 people on their mailing list (which is approximately 196,000 more than us) but we still think we have a chance at this.  We're just that confident stupid.  

If When we win one of these three grants, it will be put toward the new maternity center.  It will allow us to grow the program to better meet the medical/pre-natal needs of more Haitian women. 

Okay - so in review - GO HERE please and share, share, share, vote, vote, vote.

Mil Mesi pou tout bagay - Many thanks for everything!