Friday, March 09, 2012

baby coming soon ...

Baby girl named Abigail Faith born a little before 2pm today! Mom, Dad, and baby are all well. Mesi Jezi.

For the last several days the littler kids have come home from school to announce "Ms. Becky did not have her baby today."  As if she might have had it at school while teaching Math or Science and we'd maybe not heard about it yet. :)

Monday starts our long-scheduled Spring Break week and Grandma and Grandpa get into Port au Prince tomorrow.  

More exciting than that is this:   Becky is in early labor this morning!  Such impressive timing. 

Our kids are obviously off of school today for one bonus spring break day and running around saying spazzy and ridiculous things. I am going to start counting how many times I'm asked "Did Mr. Jimmy and Ms. Becky's baby come out yet?"  I told them this will be an all day event. "All day" apparently means six to seven minutes. Isaac is not enjoying the fact that Becky will have pain today. He'll be glad to hear she is happy and resting with a baby in her arms. We will too! 

Please be praying for Jimmy, Becky, & their baby and for their midwife Betsy that is here from Texas to deliver their baby.