Friday, March 09, 2012

of birthdays, bakeries, and bread

You've probably noticed Heartline Ministries in Haiti is mainly about working with women and operating programs endeavoring to elevate women.  

For the past five years the shift from caring for orphans into working with and caring for women while attempting to help keep families together has been purposeful and exciting.  

We're truly in awe at how much has changed and how Heartline has expanded. We're astonished by how many people have stepped up to love, support, pray, and give  - allowing us to keep growing and continue moving ever so conscientiously forward.  

Our core programs are about and for women. 

However, the guys have been praying about a program for men for almost two years. The men on staff, Haitian and expats, meet each weekday morning to pray together. They feel that it is time to take on the challenges of fatherlessness and some of the deeper societal issues. They have advanced carefully and prayerfully and are getting ready to officially begin a small program for men.  

John McHoul
Please read this, written by John McHoul (22 years in Haiti, Director of Heartline Ministries):

"Heartline for some time now has been praying and seeking God for His direction as we look to impact men in Haiti. We believe that the Lord is leading us to begin a two year discipleship program for a group of about 10 men. The purpose, of course, is to teach these men (and learn alongside them) what it is to be disciples or followers of Christ. To encourage and support and stand with them as they try to be involved fathers and husbands and grow to be men of character know for their integrity and honesty. 

An important part of this program will be the bakery run by the men. This bakery will be one of the places where we will be able to see if what is being taught in the classroom is being lived outside of the classroom. The proceeds from the bakery will be used to pay for the expenses of running the discipleship program. It isn't enough to provide bread baked in an oven. Jesus said that He is the "Bread of Life" and so this Heartline program isn't just about making bread as much as it is about teaching these men to share the Living Bread, The Bread of Life with others, especially with other men."

Multiple things and a lot of research has been happening in preparation of launching the men's program.  Those of us on the ground here never want to perpetuate cycles of dependency. We continually desire to work in ways that support the liberation and emancipation of the poor in Haiti. We move forward cautiously with those goals and desires in mind.

Today, March 9th, in honor of John McHoul's 59th Birthday we want to raise $5,900 to be used for bakery equipment and start-up costs for the men's program.  

Your donation is tax-deductible and the process is easy and quick:

Please help wish the aging and odd Bostonian a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Please pass this along to others. (Pray, Share, Tweet, Give)

Most importantly, please consider helping this program move from "prayers and dreams" stage to BIRTH stage. We're excited to see how this program will grow and evolve and we're thankful to have you working with us to come along side the innovative and tenacious men of Haiti.