Friday, March 23, 2012

goofy kid things

Riding in back with Grandpa (yes I know this isn't that safe)
We are no longer parenting babies or toddlers. I always assumed I'd be sad to be done with that stage of life, that maybe I'd long for another baby in the house.


I love so much.  The kids are all at such fun ages and we're getting dangerously close to the day where each and every one of them will wipe their own butt. Oh what a glorious day that will be.

Today I enjoyed jotting down some of the conversation on the way to school. The topic jumping is mind-numbing ...

We see a wheelbarrow full of goats tied up and headed to the guillotine and to someone's lunch table.
Noah - "I wish I had money. I'd buy them all and set them free."


Talking about lunch/dinner -
Tara - "Oh you guys, I'm sorry we had spaghetti for dinner, I didn't know you had spaghetti for lunch."

Hope - "It's okay mom, Sourette makes her spaghetti different.

Noah - "Yeah, her spaghetti is really good."

Paige - "I don't really like when people say Godspeed."  

Noah - "Why not Paige?"

Paige - "It just gives me bad vibes."

Noah - "When I go to heaven will I be a spirit?"
Troy -  (distracted not really listening) "Uh, yes."
Noah - "So nobody can punch me then?"
Troy - "Uh. no. probably not."
Noah- "AWESOME!!!" 

Isaac - "What does unorthodox mean again?"
~~~~~~ immediately followed by - 
Isaac - "If we ever get a cat when I am older, I am gonna name it Cargo."
Noah - "You know what I wish Dad?  (pause) I really wish Haiti had sidewalks. People just have to walk on the road."


Of the multitude of things we wish Haiti had, sidewalks are of utmost importance.  (?)