Monday, March 05, 2012

Noah Eight!

Isaac & Noah Best Friends & Brothers

Besides all the early March babies popping out every time we turn around, today is special for OTHER reasons as well.

Noah Matthew is having a birthday!

Happy Birthday to the silliest person at our house.  Noah is eight years old today.  We're blessed by the daily dose of ornery and goofy he serves us.  We've watched him change SO much this past year. His confidence has grown and his teachers agree that the boy that started school in September has been replaced by a little man that is much more sure of himself.

His entrance into the world was a little rough, but he's no worse for the wear. Noah was born emergency c-section and had the back of his head sliced into because they were going so fast to get him out and save his precious little life. (Nothing says welcome to the world like a knife in the head.) I'm so thankful he is here and making us giggle every day with his comedic use of his lanky double-jointed body. He has an alter-ego he named "Awkward Man" - when we need a laugh Awkward Man shows up to do something awkward and crazy to lighten our moods.

We're excited to celebrate Noah with pizza and swimming tonight.

(Jeannise is very close to delivering.  That makes a baby born at Heartline on March 1, 3, 4, and 5!)