Friday, March 02, 2012

brief updates & a little nonsense

Vitana and her twin boys are hanging in and hanging on ... she is ginormous at week 34+ and uncomfortable is a kind word - she'd likely describe it with a few stronger phrases. She carries herself with much grace in spite of her discomfort. Due to the positions of the babies it seems likely we'll have to refer her for a c-section. Even so, we're praying that God makes a way for her twins to be born safely at Heartline. Turn babies and hold on for a few weeks!
Chrislene is going to deliver less than 10 weeks after joining the program. The program is still new and strange to her. Maybe WE are strange and the program itself doesn't phase faze her much. Either way, she's afraid. She broke into a dripping nervous sweat when receiving a shot yesterday. Hoping her tolerance for pain increases by a bazillion before delivery day.

Nadine has had a big jump in blood pressure in the last week. We think she needs to deliver this weekend.  Barring any oddities or big changes in the night the plan is to induce her tomorrow (Saturday). Please pray for a safe delivery for both Nadine and her baby. 

Beth teaches a class every few months where we yuck it up and act like fools by imitating some of the common and normal complaints in pregnancy and mocking bad behaviors.

Smoking and drinking alcohol (obviously) isn't advised  - so Cookie and I walk in spewing all sorts of untruth about how I am too newly pregnant and she is too far along (pillows for proof and enhancement) for our vices to hurt us.

Our bad habits and our utter ignorance about how harmful they are a real crowd pleaser. We enjoy being stupid and making the ladies laugh. (Evidence: See Agathe behind us, she has seen this skit many times over the years and she is still entertained.)