Tuesday, March 06, 2012

celebration one of three

pizza, frenchfries, cake and tummyache
Yes, refrigerator magnets - don't judge 

Geronne, Hope, Paige, Ike, Noah, Phoebe, Lydie, Becky, Jimmy

We went to a nearby (in miles not in time it takes to travel there) hotel for a pizza birthday celebration last night. Noah used his birthday binoculars to his advantage and checked out everything from the art on the wall, to the moon, while we dined.

Party number two is being held once Grandma and Grandpa Porter get here this weekend. We haven't seen them in fifteen months, the anticipation is building each day. The kids are off school for Spring Break next week while G & G are here. We're hoping to take some time away from regular life and do something fun and out of the ordinary every day of their four days here.

Party number three is not yet scheduled but in order to honor tradition it will be with the McHouls. Noah and John both have early March birthdays and we have done a combined party for the two curly-haired freaks for many of the years we've been in Haiti.  Photos from the the first and second John/Noah celebrations ...

March 2007 - Noah's 3rd
March 2008 - Noah's 4th