Thursday, March 15, 2012

learn, laugh, love, live

Today, like all other Thursdays, was a full day. 

We were blessed to have a guest speaker share during the classroom portion of prenatal day. Esther D. talked breast-feeding with the ladies and had the room laughing a lot. We were busy working on getting ready for the day but so enjoyed hearing the room erupt every few minutes. 

Six new women started prenatal program today.

Esther & Niko traveling to class today
Esther - talking breastfeeding and making it fun
38 weeks pregnant? Catch a nap when you can. (Chrislene & Faphane)
We just had pads made for this wicker hoping that during long labors it would be a more tolerable place to rest. I think we've determined the pads are a good upgrade.

Faphane - due April 5
I'm fairly sure Faphane has never been to Evansport, Ohio but she sports the Barney's Bar and Grill shirt well in spite of that fact.

Clotilde is struggling a lot with blood pressure issues. We so hope to find the correct combination of meds to get her out of the danger zone. Please be praying for her and her baby.   

**update - while writing this Beth called to say Clotilde just came back to maternity center and is crying and in a ton of pain, we may need to transport her tonight.  

(Updated update - Clotilde was transported with clear pre-eclampsia and accepted at the second hospital we visited tonight.)

quick visit with the twins on wednesday
Vitana's little twin boys are fighting hard ... they are being watched and fed around the clock. She has a huge job of nursing them almost non-stop. 

We're grateful to a visiting midwife (Betsy from Tejas) for working with Vitana to support the very exhausting (yet rewarding) work she needs to do.  

The good news is, the hard work provided a pay off this morning. They gained 3 ounces in 24 hours and the littler guy is getting kind of feisty after having a lethargic couple of days. In the coming weeks these ounces will most certainly all be celebrated with cheers and congratulations along with "nou fyè de ou"s being freely offered to sweet Vitana. It appears our postpartum area is going to have three adorable residents for an extended period of time.

Our time with the parental/grandparental unit flew quickly by and they are nearing their home by now. The last day was spent staring at the beautiful Caribbean together. It is hard to know we are doing what we want to be doing, feeling pretty certain it is the right thing for now, where we want to be doing it, while making people we love feel sad at the same time. I don't know how to sort all that out, so I don't really try. One or maybe two detoxifying crying-jags are in order -  and we'll be back in business again.