Friday, March 01, 2013

manje maten espesyalite (breakfast specials)

Morning menu:
Cornflakes (Lydia, Isaac)
Spaghetti (Phoebe, Hope, Noah)
Darkest Coffee possible (Mom and Dad and Paige)

The last couple weeks have been so busy, I'm not getting time to write anything about the good or the bad or the miraculous or the heart-breaking.  Bullet points don't tell stories well but at least they capture a small snap shot of life to try to retrieve the details later on ...

  • Small team from Arkansas was here. Friends we met in 2006 led the group. They got to see a lot of different things going on in Haiti in the few days they were here. We skipped having them do any work that would be better offered as paying jobs to the Haitian workforce. That felt good. Or at least it did not feel bad. Troy led the group. I barely saw them but I think they had a good trip.
  • Troy opened a car door into his head and looks super bad$%& right now. When he had the giant band aid on there, it wasn't so tough looking. 
  • Paige translated a few days for a medical group. She keeps promising me that she will write about the cute and inspiring Haitian people she got to meet but her promises seem empty. 
  • We got to see old friends we have not seen in many years and have a mother-daughter double date last week.
  • A miracle occurred today - there was not even one car of ours broken down or out of commission.  The last time that happened it was 2011. 
  • One pregnant lady in the program had her baby at home and then refused to move for a few days. We found out about it three days after the fact. She then got very sick with pneumonia.  She is doing much better now.  Her baby is doing well too.
  • Today the pregnant mom of the twins was having some pre-term labor. Hopefully the hospital she was transported to was able to get those twins to stay in the cooker a while longer.
  • Today Yvette gave birth to a baby boy at 3:50pm - He was 6 lbs and 1 ounce  - it was a difficult birth in more than a few ways, we're grateful that Yvette is doing okay tonight. It was great to have Melissa here for this birth or it would have been a transport -- lots of higher level complications to manage.
  • The full prenatal day on top of a difficult birth was a little bit of crazy-making today.  Five new ladies started today. 19 ladies had prenatal visits after class. Currently have 46 pregnant ladies coming on Thursdays. That's an all time high and a tiny mistake on my part ... the room doesn't really hold them - the front row has their knees almost touching the teacher. :) 
  • The kids got to go hiking in Kenscoff with other families and their teachers on Wednesday. It sounded like everyone had a great day.  Both Phoebe and Hope blamed their moods and troubles of the late afternoon today on the hiking of yesterday.  Brilliant girls.  What makes more sense than this: "I hiked yesterday, so today, 24 hours later, I am unpredictably grouchy and consequently I am unaccountable for my actions."  
  • The kids have their second annual ART SHOW tomorrow morning.  Last year John bought this drawing of Noah's for $20 USD ... so the kids are excited to see what ridiculous amount of money John hands over to them tomorrow morning.