Monday, March 11, 2013

modern love in Pòtoprens

As you know, electricity in Port au Prince (Pòtoprens) can be like a new riddle to solve every day. Its tenebrous unpredictability always keeps us all under the control of the great electricity Czar and all of his minions.  

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It is not good to charge batteries on computers, phones, or any electronics unless you have city or generator power. (In other words try not to charge batteries off of batteries, it shortens their life.) I admit that I don't pay attention or care enough about charging at the right time. I admit that my lack of care is annoying to my helpmate. "Charge em if you got em" is frequently called out across the house. 

 I pick up my phone and say, "Wow! How did it get charged to 100%?"

 "Charging your devices is my love language" he replied. 

(so many jokes there, no?)