Friday, March 08, 2013

for maternal health on int'l womens day

~         ~         ~

"I am 42 years old. My gray hair and lined face trick you into thinking I'm older than that.

I had five children.

In the earthquake my oldest, who was 14 at the time, was crushed to death in her school building that fell.

After the earthquake I had just four children.

God told me in a dream that He would give me another child, and then in 2011 He did.

Now I am pregnant again and I did not plan for this and I am afraid to have another child to care for so soon. I am getting old.

This is my seventh pregnancy."
~          ~         ~

Tears fall as she speaks.

~         ~          ~
We take her blood pressure as we listen to her story.


Managing hypertensive disorders in pregnancy is tricky.
Being pregnant in Haiti is tricky.
The need for better access to healthcare in the rural areas and in the cities is substantial.

~          ~          ~

On International Women's Day we salute the women of this island we love. 
We daily learn from them and their strength. We stand in awe of the way they carry this country.

We want more for them ... We want the best for them.  

Maternal Health matters ... reduces poverty ... saves lives.  

Consider giving here today in honor of the women of Haiti.